Laserscript Products

LS6840 Laser Engraving Machine

Our newest laser engraving / cutting machine.

Responding to our customers, we've come up with a new easy access laser engraving machine - it can be dismantled into units small enough to fit through a standard door.

Type LS 6840
Laser Tube Power (standard) 40W
Work Area (mm) 680 X 400mm
Gross power 1200w
Laser type: CO2 Laser tube
Cutting depth:
40w: Acryl 0-15mm
60W: Acryl 0-20mm
Max Engraving speed 1600mm/s
Cutting speed: 0-400mm/s
Resetting positioning accuracy: <0.01mm
Maximum forming character: 1x 1mm
Power supply: 220V10% 50HZ or 110V10% 60HZ
Software supported:
Direct output software: CorelDraw, AutoCAD, LASERCUT
Design software: PhotoShop, Adobe Reader
Picture Formats Supported PLT/DXF/BMP/AI (Direct output) | JPG,GIF,PGN,TIF(Conversion output)
Engraving curved surfaces: Rotary clamp tool (optional)
Water Cooling: Yes
Maximum Height of Material 200mm (Electric Up and down adjustable)
Machine Weight 95KG
Machine Dimension 1130 x 700 x 700mm
Certificate CE and FDA