Hello from sunny Lincolnshire

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Hello from sunny Lincolnshire

Postby boneyboy » Mon Jul 10, 2017 6:25 pm

Hi all,

Newbies, but very excited newbies here. Got ourselves a new 6090 setup with an 80w upgrade - very impressed so far. Only been doing this since Feb this year (we are graphic designers, creatives, and printers, not sign makers) and really happy with what we've been turning out. However I do have a couple of (possibly newbie) questions please:

1. When engraving coloured laminate, particularly black/white or black/red stuff, what is the best way to completely remove/clean off the dust from the engraved area to stop it 'colouring' or staining the white or red engraved areas.? We've tried hand hoovering and then 99% IPA but it really does need some elbow grease to clean them up properly as some of our designs have large areas engraved out. Not such a problem on *anycolour*/black laminate but anything with a lighter base colour (included a metal-look/light blue we used today) is a nightmare to clean.

2. After cleaning a plate (as above or even anything with a black base) the base colour seems 'dull'.? Sprayed with IPA looks fab... wipe it off to clean the plate and the coloured elements always look a bit 'dull' or lacklustre. Is there anything that can be done/used to make the colour pop.?

FYI we have been using Rowmark Lasermax and IPI laminates, so its not a cheap laminate (or so I'm lead to believe).

Thanks guys and gals.

Got me a nice LS6090 :-)

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Re: Hello from sunny Lincolnshire

Postby Daven » Tue Jul 11, 2017 1:07 pm

Hi Tony,
Welcome ;)

Do you take the protective covering off the laminate? If not try it - I use masking/transfer paper which helps is you are not melting a plastic into the laminate.

You can try cutting the part first, peeling the covering off and spray with a furniture polish a then engraving.

Wurth industry cleaner is good for cleaning acrylic and laminate!

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